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In Development

3rd Floor Productions has a variety of projects currently in development. Here are a few of our current projects:
  • American Comrades

    After losing his home a troubled teen sets out to find his brother by volunteering to fight fascism in Spain only to learn that the real battle is escaping the politics of war.

  • The Prince of New Jersey

    A bad seed rich kid returns home to find he is penniless and on the street, so he must go back to his family’s old neighborhood to discover how to survive in the real world.

  • Seeing Angels

    After a lifetime’s struggle to make his name as an artist and poet, William Blake faces his greatest challenge when His Majesty’s Government charges him with treason.

  • Count Belisaurius (Last of the Romans)

    The most competent and loyal commander of the Byzantine legions defeats foreign enemies on behalf of his Emperor, but to survive at Court he must vanquish scheming courtiers and an adulterous wife.

  • Sunset

    An ex-alcoholic detective fights his inner nature and outer demons to discover his family history and reluctantly uncover the hidden power of his future destiny.